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St. John's Cemetery - A group of masons manages and operates the cemetery under St. John's Cemetery, Inc., which is a Florida non-profit corporation [501(c)(13)]. Its principal address is 301 N. "G" Street, Pensacola, FL 32501; however, please do not mail anything there. Current officers are Eric Stevenson (President), Troy Lewis (VP), Kurt Larson (Sec/Treasurer), Charles Green (President Emeritus). Spaces are still sold and/or repurchased. Inquiries should be made to Wesley Odom at 850-497-6167 or wodom@armadaadvisors.com.

Day-to-day funeral activities are sub-contracted to Gulf Coast Wilbert, Inc., 850-682-8004.

Friends of St. John's Cemetery Foundation - Established in 2000 by Dr. Jack Fleming and Ted Nickinson, the Friends group is an independent non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] that promotes the cemetery and those interred therein through memorials, website, educational events, historical aspects, and raises funds toward its preservation. Current officers are Hill Turner (President), Bobby Riggs (Vice President), Malcolm Davis (Treasurer) and Jane Moseley (Secretary). Membership is only $25/year. To contact the Friends, go through the "Contact" portion of the website.