Are their available spaces for sale?

- Yes

How much does a space currently cost in the cemetery?

- $1,800

Are there any other expenses associated with a coffin burial?

- Yes.

To whom should I write a check for burial expenses?

- St. John's Cemetery
c/o Wesley Odom
610 N Spring Street
Pensacola, FL 32501
(Please list the name of the funeral on the memo line)

Who maintains the grounds?

- St. John's Cemetery, specifically, Bill Preston. For all questions pertaining to the grounds, please send an email to with the details of your concern. If your request pertains to a specific grave in the cemetery, please be sure to reference the section and lot number or the name of the deceased in your request.

How can I update the ownership of lots?

- Submit the existing lot certificate to us. If you are not in possession of the certificate, you must submit your request in writing, justifying why you should be listed as the owner and in addition, submit any letters from possibly interested siblings or other relatives who have disclaimed interest in the spaces. All such correspondence must be notarized and must have indemnification language in the cemetery's favor should any legal claims or disputes arise. All ownership changes will incur a $50 transfer fee (payable by check to St. John's Cemetery) for the issuance of a new certificate. For more information, please contact Wesley Odom at 850-332-7339.

Is it true that only one company is allowed to bury in the cemetery?

- Yes; currently, Gulf Coast Wilbert, Inc., 850-682-8004 or, is the only company authorized to inter or disinter vaults and coffins in the cemetery. Outside funeral homes should coordinate with Gulf Coast Wilbert

How could I sell spaces back to the cemetery?

- These are handled on a case-by-case basis. First, contact the cemetery at 850-332-7339 or send an email with the details to We will then verify ownership and the availability of the spaces. At that point we will either arrange a sale with someone else or back to the corporation.

Who tracks and handles updates of lot/space ownership?

- Contact Wesley Odom at 850-332-7339 or send email to Please note that all ownership updates incur a $50 transfer fee for new deed issuance.

How can I update a record in the online database (i.e. add a photo or obituary)?

- Email your photo and/or obituary to Be sure to reference the full name of the deceased and the section and lot number when submitting your request.

How could I arrange to utilize the Gatehouse and/or the cemetery's restroom facilities?

- Contact Wesley Odom at 850-332-7339 or send email to

What are the annual dues for the Friends of St John's Cemetery Foundation?

- They are $25 and can be mailed to:

Friends of St. John's Cemetery Foundation
PO Box 2062
Pensacola, FL 32503

Who is responsible for placing or repairing a tombstone (marker) or coping?

- First, verify the location of the grave using the burial search on this website, calling the cemetery at 850-332-7339, or by sending an email to Secondly, contract with a private company that deals in monuments to have the work done. The cemetery does not acquire or maintain markers or coping for families and is not responsible for damages to them.

How could I volunteer to assist with cemetery record keeping and archival research?

- Contact the cemetery at 850-332-7339 or send an email to

Whom can I contact to clean a grave professionally or purchase a tombstone?

- Contact Pensacola Marble & Granite at 850-432-4867 or Arch Henderson Memorials at 850-207-7703. Be prepared to provide the section and lot number when calling.