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St. John's Cemetery - A group of masons manages and operates the cemetery under St. John's Cemetery, Inc., which is a Florida non-profit corporation [501(c)(13)]. Its principal address is 301 N. "G" Street, Pensacola, FL 32501; however, please do not mail anything there. Current officers are Jim Speed (President), Eddie Zarahn (VP), Eric Stevenson (Sec/Treasurer), Louis Maygarden (President Emeritus), Charles Green (Director), F.E. Booker (Director), and Brian Hooper (Director). Plots are still sold and/or repurchased. Inquiries should be made to Jim Speed at 850-432-9919 or jim.speed1950@yahoo.com.

Day-to-day funeral activities are sub-contracted to Gulf Coast Wilbert, Inc., 850-682-8004.

Friends of St. John's Cemetery Foundation - Established in 2000 by Dr. Jack Fleming and Ted Nickinson, the Friends group is an independent non-profit organization [501(c)(3)] that promotes the cemetery and those interred therein through memorials, website, educational events, historical aspects, and raises funds toward its preservation. Current officers are Wesley Odom (President/Treasurer), Dwight Turner (Vice President), and Jimmy Haynes, II (Secretary). Membership is only $25/year. To contact the Friends, go through the "Contact" portion of the website.